12 Decembers a Year

I have this 5-year notebook where I record what I did research-wise on every day of the year. Now that the first 5 years I’ve been doing this are coming to a close, it’s become clear that the month when I’m consistently the most productive is December. It’s not a mystery why that is. December is my favorite month because it’s so festive, and the weather is usually conducive to profound contentment on my part. 

I need more Decembers every year.

5 thoughts on “12 Decembers a Year”

  1. When I used to do this, it would really get me to get more done and also hold onto my thoughts. I should start again.

    But what I wish I had a better record of, just to remind me what not to do, is service. I was clearing out files and there was SO much evidence of excessive service, me trying to get meaning out of meaningless meetings, etc. I must stop.


    1. You care, that’s why you do the service. But it’s hard when there’s no support. I’m so happy we finally have our union. It’s like I’m on the same page with all these people. It’s a great feeling. Like, finally people get me.

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