Of course, most of the contemporary art here is entirely meaningless and often very precious, but it’s so nice to wander around, thinking about absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Plus, there is a fashion exhibit. Here is the evolution of the ridiculous Burkin bag:

And some really cool fashions:

Plus, I finally saw an actual zoot suit:

I’m afraid I’ll have to cut the visit short, though, because my favorite boots that I haven’t had an occasion to wear for a few years have suddenly become extremely large and it hurts my back to walk in them. How boots can suddenly get too large is incomprehensible.


5 thoughts on “MOMA”

  1. Boots can become too large if you lose weight. Also, pregnancy can cause changes in foot shape (due to both hormone levels and extra weight) and these changes won’t necessarily revert 100%. If, for example, ligament relaxation due to pregnancy makes your feet wider, they’ll also get a bit shorter (since the angles between your bones are bigger now) which will make any shoes that fit on length and have room to spare on width (as is usually the case with cold-weather boots, since they’re supposed to be wearable with socks of varying thickness) not fit on length anymore.


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