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The Haul

This s my haul from the expo. I’m especially proud of The Monster and the Trollope, which I got for the ridiculous amount of $5. The Monster is all the rage right now, and I need my own copy because the book sounds very usable. 

I could have kept going, and the temptation was strong but I only have one small carry-on and a book bag, and they can only house so much. 

God, I love the MLA book expo. If I returned in the last hour before closing, I could haul away a crazy number of free books. 


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4 thoughts on “The Haul

  1. Anon on said:

    The US post office used to have something called a “book post”, where you could mail books at ridiculously cheap prices. I used it to move my books when I moved cities a few years ago. I’d say, carry all you can and then mail yourself the rest.


    • Oh, you shouldn’t have said this. Oh, you so shouldn’t have. Because now that I know this, I’m off to the expo for a feeding frenzy!

      Thank you. 🙂


      • Shakti on said:

        Here: Mail and Shipping Services
        I dunno, check out the Media Mail/ Library Mail price files. Media mail maxes out at ~$36 for not more than 70 lb. You’d have to talk to the Post Office to be sure though.

        The USPS gets unfairly maligned. When I visited India as a child, half of our suitcases would be filled with gifts not only for my relatives but family friends’ relatives. This was not only because a lot of things couldn’t be mailed, but also because they were more likely to make it to their recipients.


  2. Shakti on said:

    Ah, my comment got trapped in the spam filter. Happy book mailing!


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