The Lounge

The Times Square area of NYC is crazy expensive. I experience a very provincial sense of outrage when I see how much something ridiculous like a pizza or a boxed sandwich costs. The good news is that N got me access to the preferred guest lounge, and it serves free breakfasts, evening snacks, and fruit and coffee throughout the day. If it weren’t for this, I’d go broke here. 

Even though I’m exhausted and it’s bitterly cold, I trudged to Times Square to see the crazy billboards. It’s a great experience. Very psychologically renewing. 

Should I watch the Golden Globes tonight or is it a waste of time? Is anybody here watching?


7 thoughts on “The Lounge”

  1. “Is anybody here watching?”

    I don’t intend to, but it will be interesting to read (after the event is over) how many of the female celebrities actually wear black to “show solidarity” with the #MeToo movement.


  2. I was going to watch but I’ve cut the cord and it’s harder this year than last to find a place I can stream. I don’t usually watch much of it though this year was looking forward to how they were going to handle everything…


  3. Honestly?
    I don’t really watch the movies or really much television (I’m lucky if I’ve seen half of them), so the only part I’d bother with is the red carpet…which is amply covered in less time at my leisure by fashion sites.

    Award shows without performances are usually snoozefests.

    The scandals do serve to explain or illuminate why there are so many bad productions.


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