Fire and Fury Revelations

Hell, why did nobody tell me that Morning Mika is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski? I would have never watched a second of this stupid show had I known. These are horrible people and I don’t like them at all. 


9 thoughts on “Fire and Fury Revelations”

  1. While he was alive, her father often appeared on Morning Joe. She always called him “Dad” on the air.

    What is it that you did not like about Zbigniew Brzezinski? I recall that lots of American leftists despised him for being too warlike. However, he served in the Jimmy Carter administration, and Carter is the only President since Eisenhower who did not start any wars. Is there something else?


    1. He created the theoretical justification for the entirety of the Russian politics as it has a today. All they do, all the invasions, all the anti-US rhetoric is justified by his stupid book. I’m sure he didn’t intend any of it, yet it is what it is.


      1. An astounding number of people in media and entertainment are related to other famous people in the same industry or politics/government. Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman. Erin Burnett is married to a former Lehman Brothers executive. Just think of the all the political spawn with their media sinecures. Chelsea Clinton’s special correspondent contract with NBC. Meghan McCain on The View currently.
        Even people who aren’t often have family money behind them. Anderson Cooper, anyone?


  2. I’m not even sure who Mika Brzezinski is, but…. you really think Brzezinski common enough that there would be two high profile people with that name?

    Or that someone with a name like that in show business woudn’t change it to something less weird looking?


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