First Day of the Semester

I have so much to do this month that I sit over my planner like a mathematician over a theorem (or whatever it is mathematicians sit over). It’s like a puzzle that is very hard to solve. Little blocks of time get shifted and color-coded.

It’s just day one of the semester. This is supposed to be very relaxed. What happened?


One thought on “First Day of the Semester”

  1. Last semester I had only three classes, with two preps. This semester I have four classes with three preps — one class is totally new to me.

    I cannot tell you how much harder this semester looks on my calendar (and feels in my head). I am going to be busier than ever.

    I have frequently managed to get a course release for one stupid reason or another. But I’m out of excuses for a little while. The 4/4 burden feels really unpleasant. I always knew it was, but when you’re not feeling it for a few months, you forget.


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