Human Strangeness

Nowhere does the strangeness of human beings come out like in local FB second-hand selling groups. 

“Selling iPhone 8 that I bought 2 weeks ago but then realized I prefer Android. Will meet at the local AT&T store to transfer the contract to you and have them wipe off all my information. Asking what I paid for it.”

Obviously, there are zero responses because what’s the point of buying a used phone with all this aggro when you can get a brand new one at the local AT&T store?

The number of postings where people try to sell stuff at the same price one can get it from Amazon is overwhelming. OK, I get it, they are probably counting on the customers who don’t have Prime. But what’s with the folks who ask for a higher price than their used object costs brand-new? 


One thought on “Human Strangeness”

  1. When I worked at an antique mall, I once had a person attempt to convince me that they had a very rare porcelain doll from the 1800’s in remarkably good condition, in the original box, unopened, probably worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars (they had called in while I was working to ask if the owners would be interested in purchasing it) I asked them to read the markings on the box to me. “Copyright 1993” caught my attention. “So you think it’s not in the original packaging?” “No, this is definitely the original packaging, and it looks hundreds of years old! How much do you think it would be worth?”


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