Not Serious

It’s not serious about Oprah running, though, is it? Surely, it can’t be. Trump vs Oprah can’t be the first presidential election I get to vote for. It’s just too cruel.


18 thoughts on “Not Serious”

  1. Oprah hasn’t formed an exploratory committee :-p.
    Also Oprah loves being loved, and if there’s one thing which will end that, it’s a campaign for President. She’s not delusional like Trump in that way.

    Maybe one of the Koch brothers will run. Certainly Bill Koch has more charisma than Scott Walker.


  2. Well, Oprah won’t get Melissa McEwan’s vote! Over at Shakesville today, Melissa is VERY upset that Oprah is getting more favorable press than her eternal heartthrob Hillary.


    1. Just on a hunch, I visited the site after reading your comment. This is what she was objecting to, and it’s a fair point she’s making that this NBC ‘analysis’ is stupid.

      Either your reading comprehension is off or you’re trolling as usual.


      1. And it’s remarkable, for someone who hates women and feminists so much, how obsessively you follow Shakesville. You’re like those liberals who love to hatewatch Fox news to make cancer inside themselves. Why, I have no idea.


        1. Ah, I see a certain little fellow is trying to pick a fight with the big boys again. Run along, sonny, we’re not interested. 🙂


        2. “obsessively you follow Shakesville”

          It’s called Schadenfreude, I regularly revisit SV to remind myself what a useless lump of emotional goo feminism has turned into.

          And the larger point is that Oprah is a compelling presence with more charisma in her little toenail than a large roomful of Hillary Clintons and objecting to someone pointing out that easily observable fact is kind of delusional.


  3. Oddly I’m not aghast at the thought of Oprah running for public office or even ending up as president, just agahst at the idea of starting in politics as US president.

    Should she think about politics she should try a term or two in the senate (or one term and stint in the cabinet if there’s a demo president) to see if she has a taste for and talent at that kind of politics. The problem is that it would mean a big financial hit for her and I’m not sure if she’s into that.

    US President is a weird position in that half of it is acting presidential during public ceremonial stuff and the president only has a minimal effect for a lot things that they’re responsible for. The biggest challenge for someone like Oprah would be foreign policy and even there I think the biggest hurdle would be being brought up to insider speed on what’s going on – I think she has the diplomatic and negotiating skills already.

    So… Oprah 2020 for potus? No. Oprah into politics? Why not? She has a lot of the skill set already. But I don’t think she’d want to.


  4. Yes, perfect.

    And 20 years from now television commentators can discuss how winning the latest season of “The Bachelor” gives one a leg up on the upcoming democratic nomination. -_-


  5. . The problem is that it would mean a big financial hit for her and I’m not sure if she’s into that.
    See, normally*, when people run for POTUS they divest from their businesses. Trump hasn’t done that and refuses to do that.
    Also normally, they show their tax returns.
    Trump hasn’t done that and refuses to do that either.

    This means that all kinds of super rich people are talking about running for office that would not have done so in the past.


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