Freezer Meal Parties

Just discovered there is a tradition called “freezer meal parties” that women practice before giving birth. They get together with friends – often in a large commercial kitchen – and prepare a bunch of meals that can be frozen and then eaten while the woman recovers from giving birth. The idea is beautiful and absolutely genius. And I had no idea this existed until now.


7 thoughts on “Freezer Meal Parties”

    1. There is almost never any paternity leave. So if there are other kids in the family, the dad is physically not present to feed them or do anything. Of course, paternity leave, even for just 4 weeks, would solve the problem.


      1. I would love a chance to make food in a professional kitchen, though. If only to confirm my suspicion that most cookbook recipe timings are way off because the authors are trying their recipes on high end stoves with zillion BTUs.

        “Saute onions on medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes, until golden brown.”

        lol no.


    2. Of course it doesn’t take that long if you’re not being interrupted every five minutes, not picky, and are organized and people eat at the same time. You forget the time to get groceries, prep, and clean up when it comes to meals. Also “long” is relative. Thirty minutes isn’t long if you’re well rested. It’s an eternity with a small child.

      (Clearly, I’m the laziest MF on the planet because my idea of an acceptable exhaustion meal for one is “I fried an egg.”)

      The frozen meals save prep time, cleanup time and valuable thinking time.


    3. Who down voted that and why?
      Absolutely the person who didn’t go through major abdominal surgery or/and isn’t wearing a pregnancy pad/icing themselves should consider cooking. Yikes.


  1. We don’t have freezer meal parties, but what we organise here is a post-return from hospital schedule of friends and colleagues who cook for the family with the new baby. Each friend/colleague picks a day and brings a full meal for the new family that only needs to be reheated (and preferably is something large enough that leftovers can be frozen for another occasion). This goes on for 1-2 weeks.

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  2. “Of course it doesn’t take that long if you’re not being interrupted”

    I wrongly emphasized ‘fresh’ in my comment. My point was more that it is sad that a woman about to give birth in a couple of weeks also has to fend for herself by preparing food in advance. Doing batch cooking is exhausting. More so when you’re about to give birth.

    Sure, cooking with friends is fun. All the more reason for the partner to prepare those frozen meals.


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