Moving On

A new controversy! Did Trump say “I” or “I’d”? 

Thank God because the darn shitholes were getting completely out of control. Three days of round-the-clock coverage of such emotional intensity that I wonder just how many people are victims of anal-stage trauma. 


10 thoughts on “Moving On”

    1. @el
      The actual controversy is whether Trump told an influential U.S. newspaper (The Wall Street Journal) that, “I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un” (of N. Korea), implying that the two leaders have had secret talks (THERE HAVE BEEN NO TALKS), or whether as Trump claims, his actual words were, “I said “I’d have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un,” (MEANING “I would have” IF SUCH NON-EXISTENT TALKS HAD TAKEN PLACE.)

      My specious comment (“At least he wasn’t illiterate enough to say, ‘I’d of had a good relationship with Kim Jong Un…'”) is a silly joke for people who already know the first paragraph above, in which I express mock relief that at least Trump didn’t use incorrect English grammar by saying “I’d of had” instead of the correct “I’d have” had” = “I would have had.”

      (The actual news that people are foolishly upset about is in the first paragraph; my attempt at humor in the second paragraph is met purely for native English speakers, and isn’t worth worrying about!)

      Does that answer your question? 🙂


        1. “I’d of did …”
          These are college-age students?
          I had better literary skills in junior high (middle school), and I never formally finished high school even (another GED recipient). And a repeat college dropout on top of that (got all “I”s in my courses—“Incomplete”).

          In the 1960s that kind of illiteracy existed primarily in a lot of rock-and-roll songs.
          ….affording English teachers a field day when discussing the subject of popular culture (television and radio)


    2. Trump said Haiti and Salvador are shitholes. And why are we getting so many immigrants from those shitholes and not from Norway. So this is the shithole controversy.


    1. Even when Bush started a war that killed 500,000 people nobody went remotely as unhinged as they do now. But that was before the global economic crisis that demonstrated the irreversible nature of fluid changes. Before politics died and its space was occupied by entertainment. Before social media completed the process of neoliberal alienation.

      The free press is issue number one million here. The real tragedy is a complete departure from reality. None of the righteously indignant shithole wailers give a drat about Haiti or Salvador and the actual, real horror of those countries.

      Salvador is a country I’m emotionally invested in because my first and only teacher of Spanish was from there. I’d love it in response to Trump’s comments people actually tried to learn something about Salvador, its civil war, and the echoes of that war we hear every day in the US in the form of the most horrific and scary criminal gang in the US that consists of the Salvadoran children of the war. Instead, what we hear is that Salvador is a paradise and Salvadorans built the Pentagon, so suck on this, Trump.


      1. And the worst part is that the anti-Trumpers are trying to present the immigrants from Haiti and Salvador not as desperate people who flee from horrific places but as leisurely fluid travelers who move around because it strikes their fancy. So posts about the amazingness of Haiti abound. One person on FB wrote completely seriously “US is the real shithole compared to Haiti.” In my private FB feed, several people I personally know discuss choosing to live in an African country as a completely fluid consumer choice available to anybody. Of course, they are from very wealthy African families. The aristocracy.

        It’s all about the fluid completely incapable of comprehending the non-fluid. It’s all in the let them eat cake vein.

        Sorry for the rant but I kept it in for too long.


  1. Meanwhile: Secret Money: How Trump Made Millions Selling Condos To Unknown Buyers

    More than one-fifth of Donald Trump’s US condominiums have been purchased since the 1980s in secretive, all-cash transactions that enable buyers to avoid legal scrutiny by shielding their finances and identities, a BuzzFeed News investigation has found.

    Records show that more than 1,300 Trump condominiums were bought not by people but by shell companies, and that the purchases were made without a mortgage, avoiding inquiries from lenders….

    But a months-long BuzzFeed News examination of every Trump condominium sale in the US shows that such sales surged in the late 2000s and early 2010s, when some Trump businesses were in financial trouble and when Donald Trump Jr. made his now-famous remark about the Trump Organization seeing “a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

    There’s far more at the link.


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