Popular FB

The only really popular (with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments) English-speaking Facebooker I read is a young working class accidental mom of two from Ireland. The rest of the really popular ones in my feed are Ukrainian and Russian journalists. The latter spend most of their time battling the efforts of the FB censorship team that tries to shut them down. There are whole groups of people whose only job is to manufacture reasons for FB to close down these journalists. But when they do manage to publish something, it’s really good. It’s so sad that they have no other platform than this really horrible one.


3 thoughts on “Popular FB”

  1. I understand why the Russian journalists don’t keep blogs, but what’s stopping the Ukrainian journalists from having a blog that cross-posts to Facebook, I wonder…

    I wonder, are the FB bans only aimed at journalists, or do they also hit accounts that repost their content? In Romania, it’s the latter case


    1. Exactly. I have no idea why people are so attached to this ridiculously uncomfortable format. As you say, in Russia there’s no alternative to FB. But in Ukraine?? Crazy.


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