Politics or Poetry?

Have you heard about the scandal over a poem that has been erased from a university facade in Berlin?

Is the story about sexism? Cultural appropriation? Disrespect for art? Trampling on the freedom of speech?

To me, the only real issue here is crappy poetry. But that’s the only thing nobody is discussing.


12 thoughts on “Politics or Poetry?”

      1. People seem to go blind the moment they feel threatened, and some men seem very threatened by the removal of this pointless, impotent, weak, lame poem. Also the author is complaining about what exactly? Now this poem that he must have written in 30 seconds has almost gone viral and some men are defending it passionately.


    1. It reminds me of Klara’s favorite Dr Seuss story. “Dogs. Big dogs. Little dogs. Dogs on a boat at night. Dogs under a tree. Dogs over a tree. Dogs behind a tree.”


  1. The real scandalous act is putting a Spanish poem on an English news site without translation, when the entire article is meaningless without its understanding!

    Is this the sad state of the contemporary journalism?


    1. “the entire article is meaningless without its understanding!”

      But feel for the poor editors, if they translated it they’d be spreading the very same sexism they’re trying to fight…

      Anyhoo here’s a translation key:

      avenidas = avenues
      y = and
      flores = flowers
      mujeres = women
      un = one, a(n)
      admirador = admirer

      At least they didn’t put anything by Singapore Mary up there… (yet)


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