Crying Rooms

A police force will open ‘crying rooms’ and provide extra desk fans for female officers and staff going through the menopause.

This is not only bizarre but offensive and discriminatory. Why is nobody suing?


6 thoughts on “Crying Rooms”

  1. I’d love to think that this is all some kind of farce that nobody really wants, but when my workplace asked employees for suggestions, one of the sincere requests that was submitted was for a “puppy room” that people with stressful jobs could take breaks in, to play with puppies and de-stress. -_-


    1. Sensitive animals like dogs and cats can pick up the emotions of human beings who interact with them. Your co-workers are suggesting cruelty to animals, subjecting innocent creatures to the stressed-out anxieties of people who can’t handle adulthood. Give them a warm blanket to hug instead.


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