Anxieties of an Unpopular Kid

OK, so folks, need advice here. As I said before, Klara’s second birthday party is at the kids’ gym on a Sunday from 10 am to noon. There will be treats for kids (applesauce, berries, etc) and a birthday cake. Am I supposed to provide food for adults who will be there with the kids? If so, then what kind? I’m so confused about it that I have started having nightmares about crowds of angry adults expecting food and finding no nourishment at the party. What would you do?

Suggestions for toddler snacks are also welcome.

As you can probably understand, I was an extremely unpopular kid, so the anxieties of “what if nobody comes and if they do, what if they hate me” variety besiege me.


7 thoughts on “Anxieties of an Unpopular Kid”

  1. Am I supposed to provide food for adults who will be there with the kids?

    If so, then what kind?

    I assume no kid on your list has food allergies.

    Since you say it’s at a kids’ gym, it’s mid morning to noon, and we’re dealing with small kids and their parents, it’s not quite lunchtime. You won’t be expected to provide lunch with this crowd (probably –unless 11 am is lunchtime for 2 year olds. 11 am is lunchtime for people who start their day at 5:30 am.)

    Have some extra cake and some extra berries. Coffee and tea is good for adults (but really coffee). Finger foods like crudites and popcorn are fun. Mixed nuts are good for adults. Chips and salsa are popular. I’d say get some bagels and cream cheese but Panera Bread just recalled its cream cheese.

    Something with protein that’s bite size that’s not too savory.

    Normally I’d say get some pop, fruit juice, milk boxes and ice cream (that goes with cake), but if your crowd of kids and parents are anything like you they’ll barely touch it if at all. (So much sugar!) Little bottles of water are good since it’s the kids’ gym.

    I have no idea of the age spread of your kid guests.


    1. These are great suggestions! Thank you! I feel better now. And I had no idea about Panera recall. I was actually counting on their bagels and cream cheese for an event I’m leading later this week. Shit.

      The kids are mostly Klara’s age, with a couple of 4-year-olds and two 9-year-olds.


  2. Around here people often order pizza for birthday parties, but the ones I’ve attended go longer— so from 10 am- 1 pm.

    Maybe also have some crackers and cheese for the adults? And plenty of fruit. Or bagels and cream cheese are usually a hit around here and that works as both a snack, brunch, and could be a toddler’s early lunch.


  3. A cheese and cracker tray or sandwich platter is a good idea for the adults, and veggies and dip work for everyone.

    But don’t stress out so much! It will be fine, and it’s early enough in the day that if anyone who is hungry afterwards can just go get lunch.

    Also, I don’t know if this is regional, but in my part of the states, people usually make little “party favor” bags to give to the kids who attend the party, with little toys and stuff in them (usually cheap stuff that you can get in packs at the dollar store or Wal-Mart)


  4. In the UK I don’t think parents would be expecting to be fed at such a party – also note that popcorn and whole grapes (sliced lengthways is fine) can be child choking hazards. Party favour bags are pretty much compulsory lol!


  5. Like everyone else said, just a few snacks. When we have birthday gatherings like this, I don’t really differentiate between snacks for the grown-ups and snacks for the children: I put out stuff that I think everyone will like onto one table. For yours, you certainly don’t need to put out much, but I guarantee the parents will appreciate being able to have a nibble on something. I’d suggest some mixture of crackers and cheese/bagels and cream cheese/ chips and salsa/ fresh fruit. Usually, there is enough cake for all the adults to have a slice too. Also coffee for the grown-ups 🙂


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