German Food

German food, for instance, is absolutely delicious. I still remember every dish I ate in Germany. But the problem is, I can’t recreate these recipes here. The ingredients are not the same. I only discovered what asparagus is supposed to taste like in Berlin. Or strawberries. German strawberries don’t taste like plastic. So of course anything you cook comes out tasting better.


5 thoughts on “German Food”

  1. What color was German asparagus? In Poland it’s usually white asparagus which I don’t much like, for me the green the better and the only way to cook it is to steam it lightly.


    1. I was in Berlin when there was this huge crop of white asparagus and it was being sold on every corner and served everywhere. Paradise. But I love the green, too.


  2. I remember trying to make some Polish dishes in the US and even though the ingredients were theoretically the same…. they’re weren’t and the results weren’t very good.

    And I’ve had the same experience in Poland, even things like flour taste very differently and work differently… making an American style cake is all but impossible in Poland.


  3. German food in Germany is very good, even simple meals at home can be amazing because very basic things tend to be of very good quality. Unfortunately, German restaurants in the US are almost always terrible and German cuisine has a really bad reputation here. Oddly enough, I think German restaurants in the US are often at their best when they ditch the notion of authenticity and go for German-inspired things and try to make them taste good even if they aren’t authentic.


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