Lunatic or Opportunist?

Is this person a lunatic or simply an opportunist? I’d love to think she’s cynically surfing the suddenly popular wave and doesn’t actually believe any of this ludicrousness. The alternative is too sad.


4 thoughts on “Lunatic or Opportunist?”

  1. It is true that women are to be nurturing pedagogues with modest research projects, especially if you’re not married. I’ve notice that if you’re married, particularly to someone they have seen or can identify clearly, then they are satisfied because it means you have male oversight. They also transfer some of your husband’s maleness to you, so you get more authority. If you aren’t married they want to see a low more submission and nurturing from you at work, and they get jealous if they don’t get that. They are thinking: who are you giving it to, and why isn’t it to them? I got really beaten up in the beginning for not taking that seriously, and then once I realized how dangerous it was, spent decades terrified of the irrationality of it.


    1. I don’t dispute your experience but mine has been the complete opposite. Maybe it’s a generational thing, maybe it’s cultural. I don’t know. I read such posts and they are like reports from another galaxy.


      1. It wasn’t that way in the departments I worked in that had graduate programs. But in the ones that didn’t, OY. Also there are certain formulae you can invoke that give protection. I haven’t known how to do that. (Even as we speak I am in the midst of some ridiculous situation where all these men expect me to do all this service. I did my part on something that was planned and nobody else did theirs. Now we either cancel the event or I do all of everyone else’s part. I’m going to call the invited speaker and reneg on the invitation because I can’t bring the event and publicity off alone. If I had not done my part, which was to contact this person when I was asked to, we would not have had a confirmation from him and I would not be in this weird position.)


  2. Here is one of the cases the article refers to. It still sounds more to me like gender discrimination and abuse, not sexual harassment. And it sounds serious.

    When things this blatant happen I am good at standing up to them and I think people realize that, and don’t do blatant things like that to me. But less blatant, yet still serious things happen all the time and I am not good at navigating these situations.


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