Same Old

I want online to look for materials on the Mexican American War to recommend to my students. One website looked promising, so I went there and started reading. And then all of a sudden I hear Pritzker’s voice booming at me from the top of the page where ads are placed. I turned the sound off because I’m at work and we can’t do political propaganda in the workplace. But I did hear most of the ad. In it, Pritzker makes it very clear that his only angle is identity politics. He goes on and on enumerating the identity categories he will help: “I will defend undocumented immigrants. . .African Americans. . . LGBT. . . women. . .” It’s a very clear and unapologetic way of saying, “If, in the light of recent developments, you expect any turnaround away from strictly identitarian talking points, then screw you.”

There is also a weird part in the ad about “Rauner says he’s not in control but I am in control.” Which is quite a tone-deaf line in view of the existing fears (as unjustified as they may be) of authoritarianism in the US.

In short, I support the party of stubborn idiots. Yippee for me.


One thought on “Same Old”

  1. 1)People know more about national politics than local politics, so this is aimed at low-information voters (most of them).

    2) This is what ad-blockers are for. Otherwise I’d have been deluged with HRC & Trump ads during the election. As it was we got all of the robocalls and half the tv ads were political (thank goodness for a DVR.) Every time I got in the car and turned on the radio, I got to hear about the fishin’, gun totin’, NASCAR lovin’ white male construction worker who works at the airport but was voting for Hillary Clinton.


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