A Lucid Suggestion

Somebody on FB made an extremely lucid suggestion to stop discussing politics on social media. Or since nobody really discusses anything, to stop posting slogans and links with political content. Because it kills politics and ends up giving us precisely the kind of clown politicians that we seem to be begging for.

Also, he says, why keep retweeting and reposting political articles when you know that most of them were produced in St Petersburg, Russia? Haven’t we made enough mistakes in the area of accepting and welcoming their propaganda?

The Russian troll factories don’t give a toss whether to promote pro-Trump or anti-Trump content. What they want is to disrupt, promote anger, frustration, anxiety, make you hate your neighbor. When Trump was an outsider, they promoted him. Now that he’s not, they’ll undermine him. Question is, why should we participate? The folks at the troll factories are paid little but at least they are paid. And we are doing their dirty work for free.


One thought on “A Lucid Suggestion”

  1. Facebook should be used for pet pictures, humblebragging, actual bragging, and minions memes only.

    In all seriousness, it is a handy way to keep in touch with family and coordinate events, but I doubt anyone’s mind has been changed by an inflammatory Facebook post. Plus, you never know if a potential employer or co-worker may be snooping. Give them nothing but cat pictures to talk about.


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