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Bookish Design

It would be cool but only if the books are one’s own. Meaning, authored by you. Otherwise, it’s too kitchy. And then again, what if Hindus come over?


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12 thoughts on “Bookish Design

  1. anon on said:

    Looks kind of cool, but my books are far too varied in height – I guess I’d need to expand the collection to populate the shelves 😉 And for those wondering how they did, the image is actually fake. If you look at the top row and the 7th row (the rows with lots of light blue books) you’ll notice they are mirror images of each other.


  2. “And then again, what if Hindus come over?”

    Wanna run that one by me again? I don’t get it…


  3. David Bellamy on said:

    I have such a shortage of bookshelf space that this idea is wonderful, from a purely utilitarian point of view!


    • Dreidel on said:

      As a practical matter, the absence of an anterior vertical support panel for each step means that a heavy weight on the center of a step (such as movers carrying heavy furniture up or down the stairs) would put the structure under undue stress.


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