Klara’s favorite thing to do right now is for us to sit in front of each other and for me to talk while she listens with an enraptured face and those huge blue eyes staring with the kind of attention that a teacher in me can’t resist.

“What do you want to do?” I ask. “Play-Doh? Aqua mat? Dollies?”

“I want talking, mamma,” she says. “More talking.”

Sometimes she makes requests. “Talking about bear, mamma” or “talking about grandpa.”

She also loves observing me talk to other people. She sits there, quiet as a mouse (which otherwise never happens) and clearly enjoys the interactions.

She also now loves finishing the sentences in the books I read. Sometimes she doesn’t remember how a phrase ends, so she comes up with her own version which always rhymes and is often better than the original.

And she is finally in the word-artistry phase. For instance, she was fascinated to discover that “paci” is short for “pacifier.” So now anything she likes gets “fier” added to it. I’m now “mammafier” and N is “papafier.”

Yesterday she learned the expression “mamma is having a peach of a day,” so she now informs people that “mamma having peach of a day. Mamma eating peaches. Klara no eating peaches. Peaches are yucky. Eat more peach, mamma.”

She also learned from me to announce, “I’m having a great time. I’m enjoying myself”, which has strangers on the playground collapse in an attack of cuteness.


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