Enchanted Rich Broccolis

How rich people entertain themselves, or in the forest of enchanted broccolis. Doesn’t get much better than this. If it’s a parody, I don’t want to know because it’s too good.

And this is how the rich broccolis gate-keep to ensure that no undesirables come too close to their enchanted lives.

2 thoughts on “Enchanted Rich Broccolis

  1. Well, Enchanted Broccoli Forest — that’s the real name of an all-vegetarian community smack in the middle of the great land of fruits and nuts called California?? Does anyone really expect anything resembling sanity and tolerance from such smug cretins?

    I was living in Southern California when I joined the Air Force in 1976, and for most of my military career, I intended to go back there when I retired. (The inland artificially-watered desert climate around San Bernardino is ideal, even if most of its inhabitants are hyper-liberal idiots — and Jerry Brown was the governor then, and still is.)

    Fortunately, late in my military career, I got assigned to Arizona, and realized that you can have the perfect weather without the lunacy.


  2. ” “cracker” is widely recognized as a racial slur”

    Lordie these California weirdos don’t know anything at all. Cracker was/is insulting in some southern (and maybe some northern) states but not in Florida where it referred (in white usage at least) to those at least born in rural (and not tourist) Florida.

    In black usage it is a slur but to be honest I’ve never known anyone offended by it (or honkey or ofay for that matter)


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