TV Pride

What bugs me is people who interrupt my “I saw on TV the other day. . .” with a haughty “I don’t watch TV.” It’s usually delivered with the kind of pride that should be reserved for announcing that you cured cancer.

“I don’t even own a TV,” they continue pompously. “I don’t have it in my house. Eww.” And then they proceed to list all the junk they watch on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

If you are going to feel all superior for not watching TV, then at least tell folks that you are using this time to read Kant in the original and not to watch the exact same junk on Netflix that I watch on TV. And on Netflix and everywhere else.

15 thoughts on “TV Pride”

  1. If you’re watching TV and the Illinois primary results tonight, what do you think of your party’s choice to face off against Rauner in November?


  2. Do people still do this? I thought this behavior was lampooned in popular culture so much that people stopped saying it.

    We don’t have a TV. ๐Ÿ˜€

    But I love TV shows, and we watch them in bed on my laptop. I just hate the idea of a TV set dominating a room. Like, all the furniture has to be oriented towards it for some reason. I just don’t see the need for one.


    1. I have a large TV in the living room because I cook a lot and need to be able to see it from the open kitchen space.

      Somehow it’s considered intellectual to pretend not to like TV. Which is dumb because a person with a functioning intellect knows that there is no danger to the intellect from TV shows.


      1. I listen to podcasts on my bluetooth headphones while cooking. These things have changed my life!

        “Somehow itโ€™s considered intellectual to pretend not to like TV. ”

        It’s sad how much of people’s everyday conversations are nothing but exercises in social domination. I’m so glad to have good natured, smart people around me.


  3. When I lived in a dorm, a TV was a luxury. Everybody had laptops and a lot of people had Netflix, but if you had a TV other people wanted to come in and watch, too. It was a cool thing to have, something different. When I lived in an apartment with not-so-great internet that was way too expensive, it was a necessity if you wanted to watch anything off-campus. Still a luxury, still a cool thing to have. So these people who say these things seem completely foreign to me. I get that some people don’t have TVs because of cable bills and whatnot. I get that some people prefer Netflix and the like. But it’s no better than having a TV.


  4. The important races in today’s Illinois primary were for the gubernatorial candidates — and the Democratic voters just re-elected Rauner. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Rauner is running against Madigan. He’s obsessed with Madigan. All his ads discuss nothing but Madigan. Of course, he’s hurt because Madigan is a talented politician and wiped the floor with Rauner, finally giving the state a budget.


  5. I like DVDs myself. You get to choose what you want to watch at the time.

    TV is good for checking the weather forecast on the local news (in between being informed of the latest homicide, or another teacher being put on “administrative leave” on suspicion of “sexually abusing a student”).

    One down side to TV: constantly being “on-air hustled” by all these car dealerships, car manufacturers, the pharmaceutical companies, the “ambulance chasers”, the home repair/improvement crowd, and the like.


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