My understanding of wild nature is pathetic. I mistakenly taught Klara to refer to the town’s famous geese as ducks, and now everybody on the playground and at the park gives me dirty looks.

9 thoughts on “Wild

    1. Oh, Her favorite expression is “mommy made a mistake” because I say it so often. Especially after I tear off yet another bumper.

      Great idea on using the Russian word instead.


    1. We’ve had students expelled or censored for trying to fight them off. Right now they are peaceful but hatching season is coming and they get very nasty then.


    2. But much smarter than other domestic foul. A friend who grew up on a farm says they seem to be able to recognize different people and have personalities (unlike chickens or ducks).

      Makes me feel a little guilty for liking to eat them so much…. but not too guilty.


  1. Do you mean to say “wildlife”? “Wild nature” is a cool and innovative descriptor, but not a term that would sound right to most American English native speakers.

    Yeah, ducks are usually fine, but geese are very scary.


    1. You know what’s funny? Klara is a native speaker of English, so now she corrects my Russianisms. For instance, she has a paci that’s shaped like a giraffe. I call it paci giraffe because it’s how a Russian-speaker says it. But she feels it’s not right, so she corrects me “It’s giraffe paci, Mamma.” It’s amazing.


  2. You could track down an Audobon Field Guide, they’re great handbooks with color pictures and descriptions of all kinds of wildlife, and even edible plants and mushrooms.


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