Failed Parenting at CUNY

It’s great to see my university mentioned as an example of great schools where intellectual inquiry flourishes but, gosh, what a cesspit CUNY is.

I hope the parents of these dumb little creepazoids are lucid enough to feel the shame of having raised such loser kids. Maybe somebody should pay them to write a parenting book where they’d describe exactly what they did to produce these freaks of nature, and then everybody would just do the exact opposite. I’m sure the book would sell.


2 thoughts on “Failed Parenting at CUNY”

  1. CUNY Law, where this happened, is not the same as CUNY, which is composed of more than a dozen autonomous campuses, each with its own distinct culture and community. (There is a CUNY chancellor who oversees some shared components of the schools and all faculty share a union.) The law school, in particular, really is a separate institution that attracts a student body that’s quite different from the undergraduate colleges.

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    1. Thank you, this is good to know! I’ve met some people from CUNY in my field, and they were all very normal, which is why this was very shocking. But yes, the law folks are almost as bad as business school folks. My sister was in a business program in college, and she was very unhappy because of how pretentious and idiotic everybody was. And because the course taught were beyond ridiculous. But that’s a different topic.


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