Better Late?

When I see flash alerts for the news articles on how “Sen. McCain is speaking out against torture, the CIA and other bad things!”, I keep wondering if NYTimes has been run over by The Onion. Sen. McCain has had time aplenty to speak out against bad things. It kind of sounds unconvincing at this point.


10 thoughts on “Better Late?”

    1. Yes, he’s been fairly consistent in speaking out against torture over the course of his career. I’m sure he’d vote against Haspel.


  1. John McCain is a sad flawed man and his family has every right to keep Donald Trump from the funeral. I feel sorry for them and I feel sorry for Bridget McCain.

    I don’t see him lying in state or in honor for that reason as well.

    Who knows what’s going to happen if either Bush elder or Jimmy Carter expires when Trump is still in office. Do you trust that orange circus peanut not to be a national embarassment? I don’t.


  2. McCain periodically said a few things about torture but then effectively voted for it. That’s more support than it is anything else.


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