Online Persona

While walking in a forest, I met a colleague. No, really. We have many beautiful wooded areas with walking trails around here. The colleague and I had never met before but he identified me because of my university T-shirt.

We chatted for a while before the colleague asked me my name. When he heard ite blanched.

“YOU are Clarissa??” he asked. “I always read your messages on the faculty discussion board and I assumed. . . erm. . . I never would have guessed. . . Hah!”

Based on the tone of my messages, I’m sure he assumed I’m a fire-spewing dragon and was stunned by the difference between the writing voice and the actual human being.

There are opposite cases, too. I know somebody whose online persona is so sweet and kind that it would put a busload of charitable nuns to shame. But in reality, she’s a very hard-core and professionally ruthless person.

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