Atlantic Wisdom

The Atlantic, on the other hand, regaled me with a true gem.

In America today, the article pompously announced, there is no better predictor if one will be able to form a stable, lasting marriage than if this person grew up with parents who were in a stable, lasting marriage.

The part about “in America today” is priceless. Because everywhere else, of course, people learn how to conduct relationships not from their parents but from Santa Claus. Suck on that one, Grandpa Freud!

The article’s goal seems to be to shame those of us who give our children an unfair advantage in life by not leading disordered, chaotic lifestyles. As liberal smugness and preachiness go, it doesn’t get worse than this. And to think I actually considered subscribing. I read a whole issue, and it’s all like this. There wasn’t a single insight I gleaned from it.

7 thoughts on “Atlantic Wisdom”

  1. More wisdom from the leader of the intellectual dark web, Jordan Peterson.


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