Child-rearing in Books

Novelistic depictions of child-rearing are very bizarre. I recently finished a novel where a 3-month-old baby sits in a high-chair playing with a toy. At 3 months. And she somehow manages to hold the toy.

Then the baby is taken home and she falls asleep. And doesn’t wake up until well after breakfast. Leaving her parents free to get drunk, take long showers together, watch TV, and fall drunkenly asleep. And it’s like that every night.

The author is a woman and the intended readership is clearly female. I don’t know what kind of a woman can read this and not get angry. This is more annoying than those TV shows where extremely thin actresses gorge on extreme quantities of junk food all day for 9 seasons while getting thinner and thinner.

7 thoughts on “Child-rearing in Books”

  1. It’s either a fantasy or the author is planning a sequel in which the deep Jungian/Freudian roots of the child’s psyche are explored.

    As for the actresses who are bone thin and wolf down hamburgers they have off camera bulimia, a tapeworm or some kind of wasting disease.


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