The French Mystery

Macron came to the US and lectured POTUS about the importance of globalism. Then he went to the economic forum in Russia and pathetically, subserviently praised and complimented Putin. I’ve been reading a lot of reporting from the forum and the reaction of people who are there is “wow, what got into Macron? This is kind of embarrassing to watch.”

When he was first elected, Macron wasn’t that into Putin. That was understandable, given how hard Putin had worked to get Marine LePen elected instead of Macron. And then something happened. Nobody knows what it was, of course, because such things aren’t made public. But there’s clearly something because Macron is now Putin’s most eager defender and one might even say lackey. It’s really a big deal that Macron would be exalting Putin right after the investigation of the MH-17 crash concluded Russia is to blame for it.

What’s curious that it was the exact same thing with Sarkozy. He was making anti-Putin noises, and then Putin visited, they talked alone for 40 minutes, and Sarkozy became his best friend. I have my ideas on what it is that Putin says in these meetings to get them on his side but I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist. In this post, I’m only relating the generally known facts. If there’s interest, we can discuss our conjectures in the comments.

6 thoughts on “The French Mystery”

    1. Putin is promising the French the leadership of Europe that currently belongs to Germany.

      Many people don’t understand that Putin is a consistent and passionate economic globalist. He’s the crazy open-borders, screw the national economy, enrich the global elites kind of guy. Ideologically, he and Macron are twins. Which Macron couldn’t have failed to notice at this economic forum where Putin made it crystal clear that he is planning to sacrifice the national economy to the cause of globalism. So Macron trusts him when Putin says that he’d rather have the copacetic French lead Europe instead of Germany.


      1. France isn’t going to overtake German political dominance over Western Europe anytime soon — not under Macron or any other French leader.


  1. I’m more interested in the apparent bromance between Netanyahu and Putin. Three weeks ago when Israel was blasting the hell out of Iranian bases in Syria, Netanyahu was in Russia shaking hands with Putin, and both men had big smiles on their faces.

    Putin has clearly indicated that Russia won’t intervene if Israel proceeds with its threat to wipe out ALL Iranian assets anywhere in Syria. According to an article in “The Jerusalem Post,” the Assad government is in a panic over this, and is in the process of ordering all Iranian military assets out of the country to preclude more Israeli strikes.


  2. I could think of three possibilities, in order of likeliness (from least to most)
    payoffs – “I can totally make supporting Russia worth your while….”
    blackmail – “Would voters really like to know about (embarrassing thing Macron would rather not be public knowledge)?”
    glory – Just as German governments are only happy when antagonizing and/or condescending to those around them, French governments are only happy when dreaming of knocking some other country off their pedestal and taking its rightful place as the coq of the walk (so to speak)
    The EU, for France, was always about domesticating Germans and promoting France into the position of undisputed power of Europe and they’ve said/done lots of dumb things in pursuit of this goal which has never worked because…. they’re France, they can never out compete Germany economically or convince other countries that they’re worthy of great respect or emulation.
    The question that arises is how exactly Russia can help France achieve this goal. Or maybe it’s just enough to listen to Putin explain how it should be all about France and not Germany and daydream about what might have been…. (problem with that is I don’t see Putin as willing or able to flatter someone else for very long, if he has any charm it’s pretty well concealed).


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