It’s scary to contemplate that Roseanne felt such an uncontrollable compulsion to share her racist insight into Valerie Jarrett that she threw away the rest of her career in order to do it. At her age, it’s not like she has many other starring roles waiting for her.

I obviously didn’t watch her show but wasn’t its whole point to demonstrate that Trump supporters can be completely normal people? It’s kind of ironic.

10 thoughts on “Roseanne”

    1. I wouldn’t use the word intellectual in the same sentence with Roseanne, even before this recent tweet. One’s gotta be foaming at the mouth to publish a comment like hers.


      1. Not sure you got my reference. The Intellectual Dark Web was an article written by that vile Bari Weiss in NYTimes, whining about how other vile rightwingers are silenced in media.


  1. Roseanne Barr was always an obnoxious woman who enjoyed running her mouth and she was never stable. She’s just gotten much worse over time.

    ABC green lit the “reboot” and all these other actors/writers signed on because it was supposed to be an easy paycheck. It’s not like Sarah Gilbert or Sarah Chalke, Laurie Metcalf or John Goodman or Johnny Galecki were hurting for money or roles. There must be some kind of change in how residuals from syndicated shows are paid because we’ve been getting all these reboots of these syndicated shows that nobody asked for or wanted.

    I loved the original Roseanne and they air reruns on cable all the time. Scrubs is in constant reruns (Sarah Chalke is on that). Johnny Galecki is on The Big Bang Theory as was Sarah Gilbert (also on The Big Bang Theory). Johnny Galecki clears $1 million/episode now.

    They didn’t pull the show because she insulted Jarrett or she’s super racist. They pulled the show because she cannot shut up and it’s going to affect everyone’s residual money. This is way too much grief and work for what’s supposed to be easy money.


    1. I think the whole genre died with Seinfeld and should have been buried. The more recent sitcoms just seem weird. But it seems very popular, so what do I know.


  2. Roseanne has never been comfortable or memorable as an actress (she was briefly brilliant in stand up) and has never been stable (even if your baseline is a paranoid schizophrenic doing peyote). Her old show (haven’t seen the new one) is probably more memorable for the careers it helped launch than for her contribution.

    I wouldn’t be surprised is this was either a medication issue or self-sabotage to get out of a gig she decided she didn’t really want once she was in it.


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