There is a simple test one can use to check oneself for hypocrisy. The test is to ask oneself: Would I feel the same if somebody referred to Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama as cunts on TV?

Samantha-Bees and Trumps come and go. None of them is worth getting rid of one’s organizing principles.

15 thoughts on “Hipocrisy

    1. Problem is, once you have accepted that it’s ok to use this kind of vocabulary, the next time it will be used on you. Because somebody somewhere is surely finding you objectionable.


      1. “the next time it will be used on you.”

        Will? Republicans have used racist/sexist/homophobic language for years with no consequences. We’ve seen men proudly wearing “She’s a cunt, vote for Trump’ T-shirts at the RNC and campaign rallies.

        Samantha Bee is a useless idiot. But I can see the difference between a male republican politician calling Michelle Obama an ape, and a woman calling another woman a cunt. The same way a non-black person using the n-word has a completely different meaning than a black person using that word.

        Jesus, she really is an idiot. Tried to create a controversy to publicize her stupid show and folded within a day.


        1. No, gender insults don’t have a completely different meaning when used by women. Women interiorize sexism and project their self-hatred against other women. As a result, the worst oppression for women often comes from other women. In my case, for instance, no man has ever called me a freak, a loser or a defective for reading books and being interested in politics and philosophy. All my life, it’s been done to me by other women. And that doesn’t make it any less hurtful.


  1. I find the Savitsky Cats more entertaining that either Roseanne or Samantha.

    Ukrainian cats who have clearly put in the work.


  2. I feel differently about women insulting women with words like this (which I abhor and would never use myself – can’t even write it!) than when men insult women with words like this. The former feels more like a tasteless, classless insult, the latter more of a serious offense. If Roseanne Barr had used this word to describe Valerie Jarrett or Hillary Clinton, I would have not thought her firing justifiable.


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