Making It Interesting

So. How can I make the story of false imprisonments in Mexico more appealing?

Ok, let’s try this. Miranda de Wallace, the activist who has been the most vocal and aggressive supporter of keeping the falsely accused, raped and tortured folks in jail, is the person who organized the anti-Trump protests in Mexico in 2017. And the relatives of the victims she was trying to keep in jail were attempting to stop the protest.

These days, unless you make it about Trump, it generates zero interest.

7 thoughts on “Making It Interesting

  1. I haven’t comment yet but I find the posts very interesting.
    But is this a novel or crime non-fiction? If it’s fictionalized then how much? Or is the word ‘novela’ have more meanings than I realized?


    1. It’s not fictionalized at all. The author went to great lengths to remove any trace of conjecture or fantasy from the narrative. I have learned more words from the juridical vocabulary of Spanish while reading this novel than I ever had before because it’s all based on the court documents.

      My feeling is that Volpi is calling it a novel as a way of protecting himself in case the very powerful people he accuses by name decide to go after him. He accuses the former president Felipe Calderon of egregious corruption and abuse power, for instance.


  2. I was interested in and horrified by the posts, but didn’t have anything to add, so didn’t comment.

    Thought this level of disfunction existed only in Africa or in the Middle East.

    Even Russians don’t do such stuff as far as I know.


    1. Ok, if it is of interest, I have more to say.

      I was also shocked to discover that it’s worse than even in Russia. Shit happens in Russia (and Ukraine, obviously) but not to this extent.


      1. \ I was also shocked to discover that it’s worse than even in Russia. Shit happens in Russia (and Ukraine, obviously) but not to this extent.

        I am very ignorant about Latin America (never studied a thing about them), so are you an expert only about Spain? In Mexico they speak Spanish too (checked in wiki now, that’s the extent of ignorance), but you don’t study its literature or politics?


        1. I teach about Latin America quite a lot. My degrees are in the entire Hispanic world. I don’t know all countries equally well but I do have a very vast store of knowledge about Latin American history and literature. I’m especially good with the colonial era and the twentieth century. The wars of Independence, not so much, except for Cuba.


  3. I too am very interested in these posts, but did not comment as I didn’t have much to say. But please keep them coming!


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