Where Are They Now?

And so where do you think the chief organizer of the whole charade described in Volpi’s novel is right now? The fellow who came up with the whole plan of “let’s grab these innocent bystanders, torture and rape them with broomsticks and get them to confess to the kidnapping of these other poor bastards whom we tortured and raped with broomsticks a little earlier”? The fellow whose plan was wildly successful? Where do you think he is?

He’s where I am. In Florida.

And where are the real kidnappers? The ones whose crimes were not investigated even though Volpi has demonstrated that there is overwhelming evidence of their guilt? The ones who went free because the police was too busy organizing that whole charade with torturing innocent bystanders?

Hmm, what a mystery. Where can they possibly be?

I’ll let you guess.

3 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?

  1. “where are the real kidnappers?”
    my five guesses would be:
    1. Somewhere in the US
    2. In the middle of the drug trade
    3. In the Mexican government
    4. (some weird combination of 1-3)
    5. Russia (not serious but it would be kind of… fitting)


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