Another Suicide

Now Anthony Bourdain killed himself, too? What is it, open season on the rich and famous?

13 thoughts on “Another Suicide”

  1. I was a big fan. I had hoped he’d have put the dark side of him behind. (He was a herione addict in his youth.) I guess it can come back to haunt you even at 61.


  2. Unfortunately, it is very hard to outrun the lastung effects of addiction. He seemed like a good egg. It is very sad, but I also think not entirely unpredictable. I feel awful for his young daughter.


      1. It’s my initial impression that this wasn’t about addiction, but that this is another aggressive narcissistic suicide maybe aimed at Asia Argento). The fact that he was a gifted video personality doesn’t mean he can’t be a narcissist (quite the opposite probably).


  3. I don’t understand the point of a narcissistic suicide. If the whole point for a narcissist is to be the center of attention, how can that be if you don’t exist because you’re dead?

    I don’t know how present of a father you can be when you’re away from your kid 250 days a year.


    1. My mother printed out a huge stack of photos from a bunch of family occasions for us. It was something like 250 photos. There was everybody in the photos, including very distant relatives. Everybody was there. Except her. She wasn’t in a single photo. And that engineered absence made her the center of attention. All anybody wanted to discuss was why she wasn’t there.

      Another example. Whenever we agree to talk on Skype and call, she disappears. And then there is a huge stretch of time that we are all looking for her, wondering where she could have gotten herself all of a sudden. The absence makes her the center of attention.

      It’s not anything that a normal person can understand but the favorite phrase of a narcissist is, “When I die, that’s when you will finally realize how much I mattered but it will be too late.”


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