I wish somebody could film us going into the water here on the beach because I’m sure it’s hilarious. We look like a family of crazy bee-keepers.

We wade into the water in thick, long overcoats, wide-brimmed hats that have a long flap in the back, and often shoes. And sometimes pants. There is no netting in the face but only because we are reluctant to freak out the public even more.

People stare but what can we do if our Eastern European skin can’t tolerate sun? The first day I was here in Florida was during the subtropical storm Alberto. I was outside for about half an hour. The sky was overcast and it was drizzling. There was no sun in sight for 50 miles around. And guess what? I burned.

And please don’t say sunscreen. We use the 75. And we slather it on constantly.


8 thoughts on “Bee-keepers”

      1. If you’re covering yourself from head to toe like that you’re beyond vanity. Plus, it may be more effective from an SPF perspective and it looks more location appropriate. Of course there’s always the issue of restrooms.

        I assume you’re only going in the morning or around dusk, right?

        I can’t comment on SPF infused clothing.


  1. I sympathise with your skin problems, I have Scottish, freckled skin which is a problem in sun, as for being self conscious on the beach, most of us over 30’s feel that anyway. However I have seen some very large people in wetsuits, I mean real manatee size and I’m quite sure you’re not that big. You can have a lot more fun in a wetsuit than in flappy, heavy clothes, and I bet the prurient would stare much less at wet-suited people on the beach than those dressed like beekeepers ! Maybe worth a try, especially for Klara. Once in the sea, who can see your body shape anyway? Anyway, I hope you all have fun, I’d love to be in Florida right now! x


  2. I hear you — I burn in the shade, too. I also have a mild sun allergy — my eyes burn even with sunglasses, and I get a sort of hive-like reaction no matter what I do.

    One year my family bought my sister and I some wet-suit type shirts, which helped a lot. Something like that might be a good option for Klara, at least — I’m sure they also sell them with a pants-type thing, but my sister and I only ever wore shorts while we were on the beach.

    Choice of sunblock can also be a factor. I’ve only ever had good luck with Blue Lizard brand. Every other brand wears off too quickly in my experience. I’ve heard you’re also supposed to make sure you’ve got an actual white coating on yourself, rather than rubbing it in.


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