One 17-year-old wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat said she doubted the widely accepted statistic that one in four college women experience rape or attempted rape.

I’m sure the 17-year-old is as dumb as one can get at that age of aggressive dumbness, but the methodology behind this “widely accepted” chestnut of a “statistic” has been ridiculed by every European feminist in existence for decades. I had no idea anybody still trotted out this dead old mare.

It would be nice if we didn’t use stupudity to combat idiocy.


4 thoughts on “Chestnut”

  1. The marker of stupidity isn’t that she’s 17 or doubts this statistic it’s that she wears a MAGA hat and thinks Dana Loesch is a role model and that beating a dead political horse means anything. If Hillary Clinton was actually dead they’d have to resurrect her so they could scare themselves with the specter of zombie pantsuits rampaging through DC chomping on Chinese drywall fences.

    But stupid and lacking all moral compass is a winning combination so maybe she can find some psychopathic man to attach herself to because separating yourself from your parents is very important at this age and Alex P. Keaton-ing your leftist parents doesn’t cut it anymore even if you use “McCarthyism” in a sentence. Congratulations, kid!


    1. Honestly, if my parents were of the abundant “I hate Trump so much I have wept for months non-stop” kind (I have a link on this quote if people think I’m exaggerating), I would have full justification to join a cult, tattoo MAGA on my forehead, and do something even crazier that I can’t think of right now.


      1. Or the other possibility is that these women are over identifying with their parents. There is something so very musty about focusing on other people’s outrage using buzzwords from… the 1980s and prior. The woman’s older sister is named Reagan. Nobody names their child that unless they love the Gipper and when she was born it was endless special prosecutor Ken Starr show.


        1. It’s true about the name Reagan. I had a neighbor in grad school, her parents named her after Ronnie. Of course, she became a total hippie dippie liberal chick. 🙂

          But the rebellion is a lot healthier than overidentification. I’m bracing myself for the moment when Klara will become a vegan environmentalist comic book loving NASCAR fan.


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