Surgery Is Done!

And I’m home. Yay!

The hospital personnel allows people to keep their phones until the very moment they are carted off to the surgery room. I guess they understand they’ll need to call a psych team if they separate people from their devices long before they are knocked out by general anaesthesia.

10 thoughts on “Surgery Is Done!”

  1. So did you have the surgeon save some of the gallstones for you to put in a dish on your coffee table like I recommended?


    1. Shit, I forgot to ask. The only question I had for him was when I’d be able to eat. I had to go hungry all day because the surgery was at 2 pm.


    1. I’m still medicated, so it’s fine. The worst part is that I won’t be able to pick up Klara for a while. I tried to explain it as best I could and play it out with dolls. She’s very advanced,so it looks like she’s getting it. I don’t want her to feel suddenly rejected by me but I definitely can’t pick her up for weeks.


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