I Don’t Trust Them

All of those Republicans who are quitting the party and calling on folks to vote Democrat, are they doing it because they honestly, genuinely detest Trump and everything – and the word everything is crucial here – he is doing or are they simply unhappy that he doesn’t seem to be as in thrall to the Reaganite free marketeer dogma? They keep repeating with regret that “this is no longer the party of Reagan” like it’s a bad thing.

I just don’t believe that the second Trump goes away everything will be fine. Economic globalism and free markets at all cost are bad with or without Trump. I want to take a stand against that and not just against Trump or any specific individual. I want to see a general consciousness that this is the real issue. I want a real plan that addresses this real issue.

8 thoughts on “I Don’t Trust Them”

  1. Yeah, it’s funny that they speak out against their party at a time when they’ve been rendered utterly irrelevant. They have zero power in their party and are hoping that the DC liberals will give them some attention. And liberals, being idiots, will happily oblige.

    Fuck these opportunists.


        1. Fifty years ago in 1968 the U.S. woke up and elected Richard Nixon.

          The noble purest lefties of the time — just like today — wouldn’t dirty themselves by voting for a warmonger Democrat like Hubert Humphrey or Hillary Clinton, and they got their worst nightmare. 🙂


  2. Who cares what they really want?

    In the real world, it doesn’t matter what discarded Republican “intellectuals” like George Will are saying about Trump and the urgent need for insurrection to avoid doomsday. Will’s latest column reads like it was written for Salon.com.

    Like Stringer Boy said, they’ll get a lot of attention from the New York Times and the Washington Post — but come November, they won’t change a single voter’s mind.


  3. It’s political realignment. From Democrat FDR’s New Deal until 1980 the political paradigm of both parties was something like Social Democracy, Reagan brought in Neoliberalism (though the name wasn’t used at that time) and even Democratic presidents (Clinton, Obama) governed like good Neoliberals.
    Trump was elected because he wasn’t / isn’t a neoliberal and mainstream republicans have always hated him. Had the Republican party nominated a neoliberal like Cruz then President Hillary would be the reigning Neoliberal president.
    The coming political paradigm (as voters reject the dying corpse of Neoliberalism) will be based on some kind of national populism (the same thing is happening in Europe and Italy and Austria might be the countries to watch at present).
    The only Democratic candidate to actually generate spontaneous enthusiasm was Sanders (essentially a national populist more interested in class than identity politics)
    If the Democrats had any sense they’d be cultivating that wing of the party and leave identity politics (a by product of neoliberalism) behind.


    1. Oh, I so agree. But judging by the media hysteria, it’s not going to happen.

      (I’m responding to the last paragraph of Cliff’s comment.)


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