Personal Brand

I think I should hide all the non-academic posts on the blog under a password and use it as personal brand building tool.

I recently discovered that I have a marketer’s mindset and am really good at marketing-style self-promotion. Rule #1 (which actually exists and which I arrived upon myself) is offer something of value 4 times before you ask for something once.

36 thoughts on “Personal Brand”

  1. Crowley, the platonic ideal of an establishment Dem, just got EricCantor-ed. Yes!


    1. I don’t love his challenger, who’s part of the “abolish ICE” crowd; I worry that losing message will gain more traction now that she’s won. But her win means Crowley now has no chance of becoming speaker, so I’m happy she won.


  2. Once more, with feeling.


  3. So the Democrats are committing general election suicide by replacing moderates with far-left nuts.

    Tell them to keep up the good work! 🙂


    1. Yeah, that Queens/Bronx seat is definitely going to turn red in 2020 after what happened tonight. Fucking idiot lol.


      1. Hey, “fucking idiot,” you missed the bigger point: which is that the Democrats — and their ineligible-to-vote cheerleaders like you — will take away the wrong message when it comes to picking a candidate to run for president in 2020.

        Have you figured it out now, or do I need to draw you a diagram with pictures instead of English words?


        1. How exactly do “ineligible-to-vote cheerleaders” pick a candidate? You can’t even come up with a decent insult. Sad!

          Actually, yeah, draw me a diagram. It’ll keep you occupied for a while. I’m sure you have crayons lying around the house. They seem to be an integral part of your diet.


          1. “How exactly do “ineligible-to-vote cheerleaders” pick a candidate?”

            I threw that in to see how good your English grammar really is — and you blew it. (The em dashes set that phrase apart from the rest of the sentence, so the last portion of the sentence doesn’t refer to it.)

            Sad! 🙂


      1. “if the democratic leadership had any brains they’d read the tea leaves…”

        Iron Law of institutions: leaders in institutions care more for their power within the institution than the power of the institution itself. These people would rather lose with Tim Kaine than win with a populist. Anyway, Republicans winning isn’t too bad for business. They get more campaign donations, their media gets high ratings. What’s not to like?

        You can feel the bitterness:


      2. she’s a populist stressing economic solidarity and class over narrow identity politics,

        Did you read the flyer? “End the War on Drugs, demilitarize our police & abolish for profit incarceration” absolutely come from “identity politics.” The entirety of “Immigration Justice” also fits under “identity politics.”

        Now this all sounds like common sense for me, but just remember all of that is vehemently opposed by #MAGAts and a good number of people who didn’t vote for Trump are at best apathetic about it.

        Prison stocks have gone up in the last few weeks.

        As for immigration reform, I’m convinced all these people who never have to worry about their citizenship being questioned or being racially profiled as not being from “here” positively relish the fact that citizenship paths are complicated, byzantine and arbitrary.

        There are way too many ugly people with festering boils for souls and these pious motherfuckers who claim to “love” children often don’t really love their own.


        1. All that’s missing on the flyer are words “dear Santa” on top.

          But the seat was never in danger of going red, so why not? It’s New York, and it’s not an interesting place electorally because it’s very predictable. Does anybody look at New York with bated breath during general elections to see how it will go?

          It seems like people want to see this as a predictor of something because everybody likes to know what the future is. From the hype, one would think she won in rural Alabama.


          1. “All that’s missing on the flyer are words “dear Santa” on top”

            well a primary in a safe district is exactly the place for that. and there are other young democrats running and doing well on a sanders style platform (while no republicans are trying to run on trumpian platform)

            I’m hoping the hype helps the democratic establishment wake up and smell the coffee rather than continuing their (probable) plan of Hillary 2020…


            1. I’m hoping the hype helps the democratic establishment wake up and smell the coffee rather than continuing their (probable) plan of Hillary 2020…

              I swear, HRC’s name is in more Republican mouths than Democratic ones. You could just retitle all the Republican fundraising emails and conferences Fear of a Pantsuit Planet. For all the Trump frothing, he is actually POTUS right now.

              You know what this reminds me of?
              “Waving the bloody shirt” but far more ridiculous, because in the Civil War massive numbers of people died over an existential threat to the United States.


            2. As for the “abolish ICE” slogan, it’s the height of childishness. Abolish ICE, place a department called SCHMICE instead of it, big deal. It resolves absolutely nothing whatsoever but creates a million more jobs for clerks and bureaucrats.

              The essence of populism is promising things that excite voters but that you can’t deliver. A populist is always a liar, even if an unwitting one. I think people are forgetting that when they praise this candidate as a populist.


        1. I watched her video and gosh. “Women like me are not supposed to run for office. I’m running for Congress to make New York more affordable. They’ve got money but we got the people.” It’s the sandbox level. But it’s ok, she’s a kid. As we all know, youth is a character flaw everybody gets to recover from eventually.


  4. In no surprise the Court ruled for …the anti union side. This all flows from Citizens United AFAIK. What was your union’s contingency plan for this ruling, Clarissa?

    From The Chicago Tribune

    Gov. Bruce Rauner on Wednesday notched a major victory in a battle with organized labor when the U.S. Supreme Court issued an opinion that could undercut public employee unions nationwide.

    In a case with roots in Rauner’s first weeks in office, the court ruled that public workers shouldn’t have to pay fees to a union they don’t want to join.

    The idea behind the “fair share” fees is that unions negotiate on behalf of all employees within a workplace, and workers who benefit from bargaining should help cover that cost even if they don’t agree with the union’s politics. Unions and their advocates have warned that a ruling against the fees could weaken unions by undercutting their funding and membership.

    By a vote of 5-4, the high court found that the fees violate workers’ First Amendment rights to free speech, reversing a 41-year precedent.


      1. I’m a union person, as we all know. And I support it, too. As union organizers, we need to do the hard, annoying, boring work of persuading and organizing. It’s on us, on me, on everybody to do this work, not on the supreme Court.


        1. Here is an example. Our union dues are pretty heavy in terms of our salaries which are low. People are so resentful about having to pay the dues against their will that they detest the union and that undercuts the organizing efforts. These are much more passionate Democrats than I am, not Republicans, by the way.


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