Horrible People

These adoptive parents are horrible people who don’t begin to understand what it means to love a child. Disgusting, hateful people. Anybody who claims to love a child and doesn’t do everything they can to ensure that the child has contact with the real parents is a shitty person.

5 thoughts on “Horrible People

  1. How is it abandonment when you’ve been imprisoned and forcibly separated and not allowed any contact whatsoever? Because that seems to be a huge hole in the judge’s logic.


  2. They renamed him. No longer ‘Carlos’. Now ‘Jamieson’. Of course. Will they tell him he just ‘gets a lovely tan so easily’?!


    1. The practice of renaming adopted kids is particularly horrid. It’s like they are trying to erase the life he had before them. And these people claim to love the kid? Yeah, right.


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