Pro-immigration Forces

From an NYTIMES article:

Pro-immigration forces should avoid using charges of racism to sideline discussions of ethno-demographic interests. Instead, they should accept the importance of cultural concerns but argue positively for immigration on humanitarian, national-interest or liberal grounds. They should cite assimilation data to reassure anxious majorities.

This would be undeniably right if these so-called pro-immigration forces were interested in anything but empty, self-congratulatory posturing on many subjects, including immigration.

The article’s author is trying to convince people that accusing those who oppose immigration of racism is counterproductive. But it’s not counterproductive if that is the whole goal. Immigrants are utterly accidental here. The goal is to have an opportunity to call somebody a racist.

3 thoughts on “Pro-immigration Forces

  1. I so so wish they’d quit using the word “immigration” so loosely.
    It’s not immigration a lot of people are opposed to—it’s attempted Unlawful Entry that’s the issue.

    …oh, and, yes, a lot of those activists are a idealistically myopic bunch. Maybe well-meaning, but terribly misguided.


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