One genius parent came to pick up his kid from school in his work vehicle. Which happens to be a hearse. Seeing a hearse depart from the school almost put the other parents in a state where they needed a hearse. This is an expensive school. There are no 20-year-old parents! Everybody is an ancient old fart in a tenuous physical state! You don’t play such jokes on elderly parents!

Another genius parent entered the room where her kid was with a loud “Who wants to go get ice-cream?” Of course, all the kids yelled “Me!!!” Of course, she only took her own kid. And the rest of the parents immediately turned into evildoers who are not taking their kids out for ice-cream. Why the announcement couldn’t have waited until the parking lot is a mystery.

4 thoughts on “Geniuses”

  1. The parent who loudly announced that they were taking their child for ice cream is clearly desperate for the approval of children- they want to be the “cool parent” that the other kids envy. Or they’re seriously tone-deaf and never learned anything about children in spite of raising at least one child.


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