People are truly funny. My newsfeed is brimming with angry condemnations of Trump for his (entirely correct and very welcome) comments about the ways in which Germany is being a Russian lackey over Nordstream 2.

Nordstream 2 is Putin’s only lifeline. It’s his ticket to remaining in power forever (especially with all the doubles.) The corruption and the gall that Germany has demonstrated on the issue – read up on it if you haven’t. It’s egregious. Pointing this out cannot be a bad thing. Germany has been a total dick about Nordstream.

And the argument that Trump is too pro-Russian to make these comments is ridiculous. He hasn’t done anything to rise to the level of the pro-Russianness of Germany. Actually, he hasn’t done anything pro-Russian so far. I’m watching closely for obvious reasons, and all I see so far is that he is doggedly trying to tank Russia’s economy. I do not believe that Hillary would have done any of it.

People are so obsessed with Trump that in their desire to prove something to themselves about him they lose all capacity to reason.

And by the way, the Sunday issue of NYTIMES published a long, extremely Putinoid screed that repeated the hoariest of Russian propaganda points. That’s the same newspaper that has done more than any other media outlet to support Putin and that now condemns Trump about once a day for being pro-Russian.

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