Concrete Servility

The talk of “treason” leaves me cold. Trump is showing less concrete deference and servility toward Russia than every president in my lifetime has shown toward Israel and Saudi Arabia, for example.

And towards Russia.

12 thoughts on “Concrete Servility”

  1. Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp just said on her Headline News Network show that Angela Merkel “has more balls than Trump” (direct quote) because at the last Merkel-Putin joint press conference, Merkel verbalized some mild criticism of Russian behavior while standing next to Putin.


    1. Problem is, mild or harsh criticism is junior high kind of stuff. A billion dollar tariff on steel and the collapse of the stock value of a major Putin buddy – that’s real hurt. The price of oil dropping by 3% today – that’s real hurt. Nordstream 2 – that’s real bad hurt.

      Merkel is trying to give Putin his Nordstream, which is a huge lifeline. Trump is trying to take it away. So who’s Putin’s friend?

      I’m a scholar. I believe in facts. I hate Trump but I can’t disregard facts.


      1. My post above isn’t praising Merkel — it’s criticizing S.E. Cupp for her lack of knowledge about Merkel’s relationship with Putin.

        Although Cupp did make a halfway funny risque comment (for a news channel) about Trump leaving the summit with only one ball (the soccer ball Putin gave him), and then she segued into the Merkel comparison.


  2. I’ve written this before, but I’ll post it again.

    I think the connection is more money than anything else. Trump’s been a money losing machine (for his investors) all his life and there came a point where no western bank would ever give him a loan. That’s how he got mixed up with Russia. They have something on him.
    I don’t believe there’s a pee tape, nor would I care if there were.
    Russia did influence the elections, in a material way. And yeah, Trump and his team are involved. They promised dirt on Clinton and he happily accepted it. That’s the infamous June 9, 2016 meeting.
    Given that so many of his team have already pleaded guilty to various crimes, and others have been indicted (his campaign manager, for god’s sake! how much closer to the candidate can you get?), I don’t think it’s outrageous to believe there’s something there.
    Mueller’s probe hasn’t been going on for ‘too long’, as the republicans are whining. The Lewinsky investigation took longer.

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    1. He could have given Putin the best gift ever. And it would have cost him zero votes. And he didn’t. We still don’t know what was said in the one-on-one meeting. It will become clear within a week to 10 days when we see what happens around Mariupol. It still possible Trump gave Putin something in the one-on-one. But what happened today is big.

      I meditated. To prepare myself for the inevitable announcement that he was selling out Ukraine. I’ve known he was going to do it since election night. But he didn’t. This is a very big deal. And the folks who aren’t recognizing it while parsing every minutiae of the Mueller investigation are not being honest with us.


      1. It pains me to say this, but after listening to hundreds of comments today from all sides of the political spectrum, I honestly don’t think most Americans — certainly NONE of the angry talking heads in the media — even care enough about Crimea one way or the other to have had even a single conscious thought about it!

        Your website is LITERALLY the only place I’ve seen this issue raised. NOBODY — from the rapid Trump haters to the rapid Trump apologists trying to come up with positive spin for the summit — have said a single word about it. It just wasn’t on anybody’s radar screen.


        1. Yep. That’s how it is. But here is a question. Should people be opining on Putin and his supposedly evil designs on the US presidency if they are so ignorant about him that they aren’t even aware of what is a major issue for him?

          When Trump went to meet the North Korean fellow, I didn’t opine on what went on between them. Because I know dick about it. So I asked questions and didn’t pontificate.

          It’s ridiculous that people are chattering about this like crazy without even trying to learn anything.


          1. “But here is a question. Should people be opining on Putin and his supposedly evil designs on the US presidency if they are so ignorant about him that they aren’t even aware of what is a major issue for him?”

            Ah, Clarissa, you just aren’t cynical enough yet at 40 (give it another 30 years) yo understand how most people the world over think about political issues. The ONLY issues that they really care about (and in most cases even think about) are those that affect their lives directly (their personal economic situation, their family’s personal safety, something that might endanger their own rights, religious beliefs, etc.).

            Whenever they think at all about something on the other side of the world (Putin, Israel, the Palestinians, rights in Saudi Arabia), they see those issues only as talking points to argue for or against a certain political position or candidate. They couldn’t care less if they actually know what they’re raging about.

            As a rule, they aren’t being evil, or stupid, or selfish. There’re just being human — and they’re not going to change, in this generation or any other. So why break your back or your heart trying to change human nature?


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