Still Angry

Also, how old do they think I am to donate over the phone? I’m a GenExer. If you can’t do it through PayPal, it’s of no interest to me. I don’t need to be called. I don’t need to be emailed. I need to be sent text messages with PayPal links.

I’m trying to get some sleep here! Dumbasses.

2 thoughts on “Still Angry

  1. I detest PayPal because it charges the recipients a fee when it passes the money on to them.
    So whenever an editor wants to pay me via PayPal, I ask them to send me a check instead.


  2. I also do not like PayPal. I now donate only by check via USPS. My phone, fortunately, does not show active links in texts. And I frequently have to delete texts I don’t need, since the text memory available is so small. If I received more texts, this would be burdensome.


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