Malignant Narcissism

The water at the splash pad turns off every 20 minutes to prevent it from going on when there are no people there. All you need to do is press a button and it goes back on. Many people don’t know this, however.

Today, when the water switched off for the first time, silence fell while people tried to figure out what happened. And in the silence, we heard one of the moms hiss at her kid, “Look what you did now! You broke the splash pad! It’s all broken now because of you!”

3 thoughts on “Malignant Narcissism

  1. This is horrifying. But I have seen such things often. I do not know how to react when I encounter children being treated so badly. Of course, it happens to adults, too.


    1. There’s nothing you can do, unfortunately. Narcissists are the only kind of patient that psychoanalysts refuse to see outright because it’s useless. They’ll never recognize that the problem is inside them.

      I was this child. I know how it feels.


    2. Well, I think that if someone points out to the child that they didn’t cause it, they might keep their sanity. Of course that their mother thinks so poorly of them and treated them like this is a wound that won’t go away.


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