Healthy Femininity

We are offered guest speakers to come to our classrooms and speak on the following topics:

– healthy relationships

– healthy masculinity

– domestic violence

– sexual violence

– healthy sexuality

– bystander intervention.

Note that healthy femininity is not there. The topic would sound vaguely offensive if it did. I wonder if any of the listeners think of asking who all those unhealthy males are in relationships with if unhealthy femininity doesn’t exist.

11 thoughts on “Healthy Femininity”

        1. I’ve had two very complicated, risky, late-life pregnancies, so obviously I’m anything but. Women who are good at being women do this much more easily.

          Thanks for rubbing it in, though.


        1. It’s not important enough to merit a separate post. A healthy femininity is the one that accepts and handles the functioning of a female body with ease and enjoyment.


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