NYTimes: At Carrier, the Factory Trump Saved, Morale Is Through the Floor

The author of the article is desperately trying to put a crowd-pleasing political slant on the story but facts speak for themselves. This is an issue that is really big, especially among the younger generation, and in well-paying jobs, too. Now let’s imagine what effect bringing UBI, “safe passage,*” and a federal job guarantee into this situation might have.

What Trump did to save the factory should have been done decades ago by Bill Clinton and everybody else since him. Right now, it might be way too late.

* For those who are overseas, a suddenly famous young politician recently declared that the goal of an immigration enforcement agency is to ensure “safe passage” into the country.

12 thoughts on “NYTimes: At Carrier, the Factory Trump Saved, Morale Is Through the Floor”

  1. It’s a vicious circle, once a society demeans the value of labor for short term economic gain (as the US has systematically done since the early 1980s) it’s very hard to reverse that.


    1. You probably don’t try to hire much. Once you do, you’ll see this phenomenon a lot, especially with younger people. They just flake out and can’t even explain why.


        1. I’m sure it heavily depends on seniority.

          I know a young woman who gave herself a 3-week paid vacation one month into a new job and got very upset when it didn’t get approved.


  2. “You probably don’t try to hire much”

    Yes, and I know that bosses have problems with absenteeism. But, that’s the price to pay for their lack of judgement by prioritizing sociability over capacity. Be careful of what you wish for…


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