NYTimes: Agents Tried to Flip Russian Oligarchs.

OK, this is simply embarrassing. The FBI wasting resources and making Putin laugh by trying to recruit mega rich Russian oligarchs? What a blethering idiocy.

This so-called Russia investigation needs to go die a painful death. What a pathetic, ridiculous joke. You’ve got to be beyond incompetent to try to flip somebody like Deripaska.

7 thoughts on “NYTimes: Agents Tried to Flip Russian Oligarchs.

  1. Several days ago I came across a 2006 interview with Deripaska (in Russian). In it Deripaska pretty much openly stated that Russia is ruled by him and a number of other oligarchs, and Putin is a hired manager. (Hired not by the people, but by the oligarchs, and compensated through channels other than his official income, of course.)


  2. This in particular seems rather like the fantasy that Iraqis would welcome a US invasion. Who likes foreign invasions? Why would someone this powerful “flip”?

    I’m actually interested in the Mueller investigation, not because of “Russian collusion” but because I’m for finding US corruption and crime, do not think the T-men should be let slip. But ya gotta remember the FBI has not necessarily been a friend of the US public, historically, and they can be inept.


    1. “the fantasy that Iraqis would welcome a US invasion”

      The Iraqis in Poland at the time (mostly Kurds and Shia) mostly supported the initial invasion as a way of getting rid of Saddam Hussein who they really, really, really hated. They didn’t necessarily like what followed but they were ready for anything to depose Hussein (who they really, really, really….. really hated).


      1. As an aside, I’ll add that Afghan students studying in the Eastern Bloc also generally supported the USSR invasion of that country. They knew first hand everything wrong with communist societies and still felt that that represented civilizational advance over the violent religious maniac hillbillies that the US backed (and who keep the country being an unliveable mess).


        1. “Iraqis living in Poland were not invaded”

          True, I wasn’t giving their example as justification for the invasion (which I always thought was an incredibly stupid idea and has worked out just about as badly as I imagined it would) just reporting what the Iraqis I knew at the time (some of whom still had family there and one of whom has moved back to Iraqi Kurdistan) thought at the time.
          My own idea is that usually people have to overthrow their own dictators for real positive change to occur.


          1. Yeah … USians so often seem to think things will work out as they do in movies that are really patriotic propaganda and not realistic about how welcome we are


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