People Are Weird

One of my Donbassian cousins has a business. Since consumer goods and pretty much all food are scarce in the Donbass, she takes orders for goods and food items online, crosses the front lines into Ukraine, buys what she needs, and resells it in the Donbass for a premium.

To make matters worse, she crosses the front lines with her two small children. Just think about it. Dragging a toddler and a kindergarten-age kid around in such a dangerous area, roughing it out in the fields sometimes – it all sounds completely deranged to me.

None of this is an act of desperation or necessity. The whole family has been begging her to leave the war zone since the war started. Last week, the leader of the so-called People’s Republic of Donetsk was blown up into pieces half a mile from where my cousins are. It’s a bad, sad, and dangerous place.

But. . . she loves it there. Her husband loves it there. The other cousin and her husband, ditto. They have no particular political position. They are just happy with life.

One thought on “People Are Weird”

  1. “she loves it there. Her husband loves it there”

    The general (and necessary) emphasis on pacifism in the media means that a lot of the realities of armed conflict aren’t given much thought. The plain fact is that some people find being around armed conflict (even as a non-combatant) to be exciting and afterwards any other kind of life seems dull in comparison.
    I suspect that’s the case for these cousins (and putting the children in potential harm’s way makes the adrenaline spikes even greater). Once Russia is finally kicked out (I think Ukraine wants to maintain sovereignty more than Russia wants to keep it going as a completely non-strategic irritant) they’ll probably move away and never lack for dinner table conversation again.
    “Remember when that bomb went off 20 meters from the store?!”
    “Oh and that time I had to sneak around a roadblock!”


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